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Accessing the cmis:changeToken

Question asked by juicybananas on Jun 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2011 by fmui
From what I have gathered from the OpenCmis spec this is how one would go about getting the 'changeToken' for a Document.

      List<CmisExtensionElement> extensions = object.getProperties().getExtensions();
      PropertyData<?> propData = object.getProperties().getProperties().get("cmis:changeToken");

Is there any order to the values 'propData.getValues()' or should I expect just one value when it comes to 'cmis:changeToken'?

I want to create a custom change id using this value(s) the cmis:lastModificationDate and any ACL/permissions in the set. Is this something I need to worry about it order to encapsulate all changes or is this something already accounted for in CMIS?

Still learning the spec!