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Strange error generating content

Question asked by asheara on Jun 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by jpotts
Hi All,

I have a web project Enterprise, in that project I create a folder named "start". I try to create a content named index to generate xml and html files from a xsl based web form, I fill all the web form but when I click finish I got this error:
Failed to create content due to error: 05030030 A space of file with that name already exists. but the file doesn't exists in the folder!!!!

I have skip this problems first times by submitting all pending changes and deploying them (a little trick that has been working) and start all the process again and it let us create correctly the new content, but we are in a production enviroment and we can't submit and deploy pending changes whenever we would like.

Is there anyway to solve this problem without doing that trick? Why it happens?

Thanks in advance.