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General development estimate

Question asked by gronlund on Jun 5, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by gronlund
I want to present alfresco as a intranet solution, having specialized project sites and department sites.

I want some help in determining the feasability, just an estimate of how much time this would take.. If there are any modules available that has similar function I would appreciate if you could give me some links, Ive been unable to find anything on the web.

The scenario is as follows..

Objective 1:

Make it possible to create 2 types of pages, one representing company/department entity and the other representing a project entity.

The project entity needs to belong to a company/department.

The company/department entity can be connected to another company/department entity.

Objective 2:

Display pages in a tree-like structure.

Any ideas of how long this would take is appreciated.