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DWG previews not working

Question asked by stillontheedge on Jun 6, 2011
I am attempting to set up Alfresco Community Edition on Windows to be able to manage around 50,000 dwg drawings. I am using a BitNami easy installer for the Alfresco setup, and that part is working great.

My problem is in getting the previews for the dwg files to work properly. I have followed the directions as near as possible in this thread, but these instructions are for v3.0 and I am using 3.4d.

UPDATE: It appears that ImageMagick is still attempting to make the transformation. I am not sure where to make this stop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.)


Windows XP SP3
Alfresco 3.4-d.0 Bitnami installer
Irfanview v4.28
CADImage.dll plugin for Irfanview