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le module RM (Records Management)

Question asked by notherien_4767 on Oct 27, 2009
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dans le cadre de mon pfe je travail sur alfresco comme un GED, mon boss m'as demandé de faire une recherche sur le module RM (Records Management), mais j'ai rien trouver, est ce que vous pouvez m'aider pour trouver un document ou un tutorial  qui parle sur "Alfresco Records Management Module". et merci.

tout ce que j'ai c'est cette lettre:
Alfresco - The Open Source Alternative for Enterprise Content Management

Available Now - Alfresco Records Management Download & Webinar

Last week Alfresco announced the availability of the Alfresco Records Management Module, which recently became the first open source software to pass the rigorous U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.02 standard certification.

The Records Management (RM) module and certification enables Alfresco to extend its cost-effective open source records management and retention tools to support the governance, retention and compliance strategies of federal agencies, government bodies and commercial organizations.

Alfresco Records Management Module offers the following features and capabilities:

Simple Single Repository - avoiding the need for content transfer with potential loss of information and reduces the number of systems to administer;
User-friendly Web-based Interface - enabling greater user adoption with secure access from any location and no desktop installation; and,
Easy Email Filing - via native support of IMAP protocol, enabling the filing of emails from any email client, without the need to install a plugin.
To find out more about Alfresco RM:

Download the RM module with Alfresco Community -, or
Register for the Alfresco RM webinar on October 29th -
Visit the Alfresco RM resources web page  -
Let us know what you think of Alfresco RM by posting your comments on Twitter at or Alfresco's User Group on Facebook

Best regards,

John Newton,
CTO and Co-Founder
Alfresco Software