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£ (£) symbol in web forms Tiny MCE editor

Question asked by wilsonb on Jun 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2011 by wilsonb
Hi, I’m trying to get the pound symbol (£) into a an embedded section of HTML in a web form. I believe that Alfresco uses Tiny MCE as the WYSIWYG editor. The issue I have is that at the moment if I enter a £ symbol in the Tiny MCE editor the web form (XSLT) converts it into £ in the final exported version (to the standalone deployment receiver) or to the one downloaded in the "View Details" page of the content. So then I tried to use the HTML code editor part of Tiny MCE and enter the encoded value. Unfortunately if I enter a £ or £ both of which are then converted back into £ symbols by the Tiny MCE when I click “Update”. It all looks ok in the embedded editor but when you export the content from Alfresco or download the content from Alfresco it shows up as £. It even shows up ok when you click on the file in the Alfresco's WCM "View In Browser" option, so it seems to get converted by something on a deployment/download. This means I’m currently stuck with the final version of the HTML with £.

I have entered all the other likely characters on the keyboard !"£$%^&*(){}:@~<>?-=[];'#,./ and they appear to work as expected. However as I will have content editors using Word to enter odd symbols i.e. ‘ or &#8216; then I may end up with more issues ‘ for example

Any ideas for a solution?