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Problem with space access configuration

Question asked by dcoales on Jun 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2011 by dcoales

I have the following space structure

company home
–client 1

I have a user called John who works for client 1.  I only want John to be able to see anything within the public space of the client1 space and anything in the releases space (since this is where we will make new releases available to all clients for download).

To set this up I have created a user group called 'client1' assigned John to that group and invited that group to the client1/public space as a consumer.  I have also made the client1/public space the home space for John.

I have also create a user group called 'release access' assigned John to that group and invited the group to the releases space as a consumer.

When I log in as John I see the sidebar accordion has two areas My Home and My Alfresco.  Within My Home John can see the spaces below client1/public but can't see the releases space even though he belongs to the 'release access' group which has been invited to that space.

Can anyone tell me where I have gone wrong.

Many thanks