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How to make a comunication between Applet & JSF Backing

Question asked by mohammed.amr on Jun 9, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2011 by gyro.gearless
Dear Gurus,

I have the following case

- i have a button inside an alfresco JSP page and that button will invoke an Applet.
- Applet functionality limited to acquire an image from a scanner.

Now i need to save this image as a node on the alfresco repository, so i need away to communicate with JSF backing bean to use alfresco services to save the image as a node.

But how to open a communication between Applet (client-side) and JSF Backing bean ?

after googling something like that i see several forums talks about Applet communication with Servlet and then servlet will gain a certain bean.

but for you information, most of forums talks about communication with (null) FacesContext which is may be not a proper way to communicate.

What is the proper way of communication and if Applet-Sevlet is the only way how can i communicate with the repository ?

Mohammed Amr.
Senior System Developer.