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Issue Tracking with Share

Question asked by mcollins323 on Jun 9, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2011 by jpotts
I am trying to develop an issue tracking system for several accounts and I keep hitting road blocks.

If I use Alfresco Share with the Data Lists issue tracking conponent
- search does not seem to find issues
- Assigned issues do not consolidate into the dashboard like MyTasks

If I use Tasks or workflows
- they do not seem to be part of the search process

I have 2 people that need to service 20 distinct external accounts.  At first I thought I could create 20 sites and then have the 2 engineers work off their dashboard a list of issues that resided inside anyone of the sites.  But at this point it seems you need to enter each site to see issues.

Has anyone dealt with a similar setup.  Do I need to write some custome scripts? Or am I missing something?