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Hiding Sites from external users

Question asked by dcoales on Jun 9, 2011
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I am evaluating Alfresco and have a configuration question.  I want to set the system up so that internal users can see all sites but external users (i.e. our clients) can only see the sites to which they have been invited.  At the moment the external users can search for sites, get a complete list and request to join other sites.  I don't want customer A to even know that we are working with customer B and they shouldn't even be able to see therefore that a customer B site even exists.

To try to solve this I removed the EVERYONE consumer permission from the 'sites' source in the repository, created a user group called customer A, assigned all the external users from that customer to that group and then gave the customer A group consumer privileges on the customer A site below the 'sites' source.

This seemed to be working except I am now getting lots of permissions errors on the sites dashboard page (and other pages - with long complicated warnings about acegi security permissions) when I log in as one of these test external users.

It seems that Share expects all users to have at least consumer privileges on the root 'sites' space but I can't then see how to hide other sites from external users.

Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Many thanks,