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Programmatically add File System Receivers to Web Projects?

Question asked by tvaughan77 on Jun 9, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by romschn

For the longest time, I've had just 2 web projects in my Alfresco installation and as our business has grown, so too have the number of servers we need to deploy to.  Each time we need to  add server capacity, our sys admins would go be able to use puppet to quickly push out a new server with an installed File System Receiver, but then they'd manually go in to Alfresco and add a new File System Receiver in our web projects' "Actions -> Edit Web Projects -> Configure Deployment Receivers" page.  Over time, we've accumulated about 20 different deployment receivers, duplicated in both web projects.

We're about to add 4 or more new web projects and the thought of manually adding each FSR to each web project is really unappealing.  Is there a programmatic way to do this?  Any config file or DB table I can hack?