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Simple HTML Link Does Not Work In Web Project Sandbox

Question asked by tvo1003 on Jun 9, 2011
I have two html files:

File #1, index.html, contains the code:

    <a href="xyz.html">link to xyz.html</a>

File #2, xyz.html, contains the code:

    <p>This is xyz.html</p>

index.html has a link that, when clicked on, opens up xyz.html. When I add these two files to my User Sandbox and I click on index.html under the "Browse Files" box, index.html's link no longer works.

Here is the URL that is displayed for index.html when I open it:

When I click on the link in index.html, xyz.html does not load, but the URL changes to this:

If this was working correctly, the URL would change to this:

What is the cause of this error?

Any help will be much appreciated!