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LDAP dynamic groups

Question asked by cedvr on Jun 10, 2011

I know this kind of topic has already been open, but the information retrieved so far is not very clear nor complete  :?

My configuration is :
Alfresco community 3.4.d
linked to a LDAP server: OpenDs or OpenDj (I will probably try with OpenLdap)

There is a possibility in the different LDAP server to have the dynamic groups, with a simple ldap query behind it.
I've successfully linked alfresco with  the LDAP server, it retrieves the users and the groups. And with usual groups (as groupNames or groupUniqueNames), the users are well imported.

The problem is the importation of the dynamic groups, they exist, but the users are not imported. So far, searching the web, showed me this ticket     "Alfresco    ALF-2725  Support LDAP groups defined by query" where it states that the fix has been set for version 3.3

I'm a bit lost, and I really find the dynamic groups interesting. Did anyone successfully set it up? And how?