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getRelatedAssets() and associations

Question asked by dsaum on Jun 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2011 by dsaum
Trying to display some associations I've created and populated in Share/Alfresco through the WCMQS API.

I defined the association (salesRep) against an aspect (salesTerritory) as follows:

<aspect name="sagedoc:salesTerritory">
   <title>Sales Territory (State)</title>
      <association name="sagedoc:reps">

This part works well. I'm able to go into share, create a salesTerritory and assign it some reps.

The problem, however, is display this relationship through the WCMQS API.

I have a reference to an instance of an Asset representing the territory. I expect that when I call getRelatedAssets() with no args or getRelatedAssets("sagedoc:reps") I should get back either a map or a collection containing the reps I've assigned to this territory.

What I get, however, is an empty collection if I provide an arg and a null result if I call the method with no args.

Does Asset.getRelatedAssets() method not provide access to the underlying associations?

Does it only provide access to a subset that have been defined in the WCMQS model?

Is there another way to access the associations I've defined?

Thanks a lot!