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Linking files together e.g. review notes to doc

Question asked by dcoales on Jun 10, 2011

Our internal review process is for the author to invite reviewers to review a document.  The reviewer completes a review form (another word document usually) which they return to the author.  Once the author has received all the review forms they can check the comments and update the original document as appropriate. 

I would like to somehow link the review comment forms to a specific version of the document being reviewed so that when I look at the history I can see all the previous versions and the review comments relevant to each.  Adding review comments into the comments dialog box against a document isn't a workable solution for us as the review form has a reference number against each comment and a response box where the author indicates whether or not the review comment was accepted and included in the document.  This gives us a very clear audit trail for a document.

I can't see a way to do this in Alfresco.  Could someone point me in the right direction ?

I would be interested to hear how other people have implemented their review process.