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java process at 100% CPU Utalisation

Question asked by dgildeh on Jun 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2011 by dgildeh

We upgraded our server from 3.2r to 3.4d last week. During testing we didn't see any issues. However now its in LIVE we've noticed the soffice and java processes seem to be running at 100% CPU utalisation the last few days and kill processes/rebooting/changing JVM settings doesn't appear to make a difference.

I believe this is related to this issue: which is about soffice.bin on community editions. However even killing soffice.bin process leaves the Java process still running at 100% CPU. This is without any users hitting the system and returns to 100% as soon as Alfresco/tomcat is fully started. Stopping Alfresco using the stop script also seems to leave the Java process running even though Tomcat/Alfresco are stopped.

If anyone has experianced similar or has some ideas to resolve this it would be much appreciated as this caused the JVM to crash 3 times the other day, which is the first issue we've had this severe since we've ran Alfresco starting in 2009.