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Alfresco can solve that?

Question asked by kazabe on Jun 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2011 by g_rathod

I Have a windows file server sharing some folders to the local network.  this server is domain controller too.   The problem is simply.  the file server is storing the last 10 years of files, dispersed in a lot of folders.  Now we have a space problem, and a big problem to the information access.  Documents duplicated, dont exist any documents versions (so, by example,  somebody can overwrite a procedure manual and we can only search the old version in the tapes backups).  The users can waste a lot time searching a specifical document, well, a lot of problems.

Im thinking use alfresco to start with a document management project, but i dont know how to migrate or load all that information to the new alfresco.   Is possible migrate that disordered info to alfresco??????

how can i start? what i must read?

thanks in advance.