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How do I get the RootFolderID?

Question asked by wouter on Jun 15, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by jpotts

I am developing an iPhone app that should connect to an alfresco repository.
What I have accomplished today is that I have been able to do the following using the REST interface:
- Login
- Get repository Info

I request the repository Info using the following call:

Both calls give me the same response …
The response is valid xml that contains all sorts of info about the repository.

The line that I am interested in is the following:


Is this the rootFolderId that I need to call for instance the 'descendants' Service??

If I do that … I get an error (Not Found).
If I trim the first bit off (and keep all after 'alfresco') I get a NotFound error.

I think it is kinda strange that I get a URL as the rootFolderId … while 'all' other folder-id's are generated id's like 9f6000a8-9484-11dc-90b9-7fa4aa914986

If I login on the website and view the source of the pages, I do find some id's in the html … When I use these folder id's for the descendants call, I do get a very nice response!

How do I proceed from here?