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Running a patch : performance issue

Question asked by mlagneaux on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by mlagneaux

I developed a patch that replaces the values of a property "Status". For each old value for this property, I match a new value.
My patch scans all "content" nodes of the store (they are retrieved via a Lucene query), get the current value of the status, determines the new value and set the "Status" property of the node with the new value . Actions on the nodes are made via the nodeService.

In this patch, I also :
- disable behaviours associated with auditable aspect so that modification date of processed nodes does not change (behaviours are reactivated at the end of the patch) ;
- add logs every 1000 nodes processed.

I'm currently running this patch on a store containing 300,000 documents. This patch runs for over a day and we see through the logs that as time passes, performance decreases (the time to process 1000 nodes increases).

What could explain this drop in performance?
Are there settings in Alfresco that could solve my problem?