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Modifying User profile model and Site model for Share

Question asked by michalwrobel on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2011 by billerby
1) I need to modify user profile model and add appropriate editor/ output text field for this data to alfresco share profile panel.

I guess type responsible for user metadata is stored in cm:person in


Is it appropriate to modify content model as described here?:

It is said it's not recommended, do you see better way to do this?

How is it possible to develop appropriate alfresco share gui modifications? (to add a field and editor)
Can you give me any start point?

And just because I'm curious - where are stored user passwords, because I don't see them in model?

2 ) Second aspect needed is to modify Site metadata, again I need 2 more fields.
It's more complicated to me, I discovered that Site folders have the same content type (cm:folder) as the other, and there are no such fields as 'url name' , 'type' or 'visibility'. So I guess Share specific metadata is stored elsewhere than in main content model and joined someway with normal folder.
Where is it, and how to modify it?


What is the best approach to modifying pop up windows such as 'create site' and other like them in share?