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Debugging Remotely - Pushing edits to server?

Question asked by vamirr on Jun 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2011 by vamirr
Disclaimer:  I'm a .NET developer new to Alfresco, new to JAVA.   :lol:

I've successfully setup my Alfresco server environment (on RHEL) and desktop development machine (Win7) for remote debugging.  I can connect to the server with Eclipse and step through Alfresco source line by line as desired.

However, if I change the source in Eclipse on my local machine, I do not see the intended behavior during the server debug.  I imagine this is because the server continues to run its unmodified source. 

Are there methods to push edits I've made locally to the server?   This functionality is available in .NET, is there equivalent means in JAVA?

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