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Question asked by subhajit on Jun 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2011 by subhajit
Suppose I have created 3 spaces(Say A, B, C) in alfresco repository under 'sites'. Under A I have created 2 spaces like 1 and 2 and under B I have created 3 and under C I have created 4. Now alfresco navigator looks like following,

          –> A
          –> B
          –> C

Now what I want is that the whole structure will be in list with 2 columns,
    column1                                                              column2
         A(if I click A)                                                       1
         B                                                                         2

    column1                                                             column2
         A                                                                       3
         B(if I click B)                     

    column1                                                            column2
         A                                                                      4
         C(if I click C)

just to give the following type of view,
Thanks & Regards,