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Creating a login plugin and tutorials to look into

Question asked by patorjk on Jun 21, 2011

I'm looking to learn how to extend and customize Alfresco Share. I was told the best way was to start by learning how to write Web Scripts. I ended up writing a few small dashlets, and I think I have the hang of it, but I'm wondering what the best track to take would be if I wanted to do the following:

- Have my own external authentication system.
- In the repository section, when a user presses the "Upload" button, have them first presented with a message they have to press "OK" for before getting to the upload dialog.

This isn't all of what I want to do, but just two things I'm looking to try to get my hands dirty.

I purchased the book "Professional Alfresco", and have been going through it a little, though I tend to learn better through tutorials.

Anyway, I guess my questions are what are the best avenues to learning how to do the above and what are some good step-by-step tutorials for tweaking and augmenting Alfresco Share?


- Pat