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JSF Components

Question asked by kevinr on Jun 30, 2005

We've decided to use JavaServerFaces as our component model for the first Alfresco web-client. You can see the exciting components in action by playing with the preview UI.

I'd be interesting in hearing what developers (and users also) think about that choice.

The components we've developed come in two flavours. The first is completely generic in that they could be used in any JSF application and have no ties to the Alfresco repository. And secondly repository specific components designed to enhance the user experience of the Alfresco web-client. We could easily package up the generic components into a separate JAR if people think they would be useful. I'll post some more detail on these components in the developer section of the forums at a later date, but for starters they consist of the multiple view list component you see on the main browse pages (highly configurable and can bind to any List of Bean data with built-in sorting and paging), the action links with icons and text (more powerful and configurable than the standard JSF action link and button), Dynamic HTML pop-up menu components and a multi-function taskbar style list of options and current selection.