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Using Alfresco repository

Question asked by adepue on Jul 14, 2005
I gotta say, you guys have a professional looking site… makes a good first impression, and is a breath of fresh air after struggling through Slide and Jackrabbit sites.  :)
Anyway, I've read the whitepaper and am very excited by what I'm seeing in Alfresco.  It seems like the perfect fit for our application, especially since we utilize the same underlying technologies as Alfresco (Spring, Hibernate 3, Acegi, JBoss, etc).  At this point, we need a document repository with versioning, transaction, and streaming support.  We don't need an entire CMS, but regardless, Alfresco still seems to be offering a solid repository (or least going in the right direction).  Is Alfresco at a point now where I could use the repository service in my own application?  Also, we will ultimately need the repository to use our RDBMS for its "store" in order to utilize all the effort we have put into making our RDBMS fault tolerant and scalable (we don't see a lot of value in duplicating this same effort for our document repository).  For now, during development, this is not necessary, but it will become a requirement.  We are using PostgreSQL as our RDBMS, and since we require streaming (in order to handle very large files), any RDBMS solution will need to stream as well (most likely using JDBC LOB support).

Thanks for any help,
  Andy DePue