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web site requirements  - Does Alfresco fit?

Question asked by bholey on Jul 23, 2005
I need to set up a community web portal. My requirements are

- common look a feel across all pages.
- constant updates to certain sections of the web site.
- dynamic as well as static content
- limited personalisation - based on user profile mainly, probably location if it is easy enough.
- subscription management: Users should be able to subscribe for
  certain types of content. Updates should be emailed to them.
- security: role based access. Once user is logged on and based on their role certain sections of the page should be turned on and off.
- community feedback via forums.

My initial thoughts were a mix of portal and CMS technologies.
Also this web site is a non-profit hobby site initially.

Does Alfresco have the capabilities. In case I got it to work, am I allow
to make the site public on the internet. Are there any licensing constraints
I need to be aware of.