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Need opinions on data model

Question asked by cesco75 on Jun 24, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2012 by unknown-user
I'm designing a data model with following requirements:

1) Documents should be associated to a "person", that in Alfresco will by just a numerical ID. All other infos are stored in an external DB.
2) Some docs can be aassociated to more than one person.
3) I will need to manage 3-4 millions of docs
4) Documents associciated to a single person usually are below 100
5) I need to retireve documents just for a fixed person (ID).
6) Documents have other properties (like date, category, …) that I eventually use for stats, not for search.

I think the straight way to model it is a multi-value property on docs, but I have some concerns about performance.
Without requirement 2, a good trick  would have been to store contents in a folder structure where all docs of a single person are filed on same folder: in that a case a path search would have make all the work with no concerns on performance…

Any better solution?