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Cross linking documents in Alfresco

Question asked by jfgonzalez on Jun 24, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2011 by jfgonzalez

I am new to Alfresco, and work as a consultant for a company that has just implemented Alfresco Enterprise for their document storage solution.

In trying to cross-link documents to each other in Alfresco, I realized it was next to impossible due to the fact that the Share links that are generated for the document change when a document is uploaded. For example, if I want Document A to link to Document B (and vice versa), I can obtain that link to Document B quite easily and imbed that link in the appropriate section of Document A. I then upload Document A. I obtain the link to A and imbed the link in Document B. By then, though, Document A has been updated and the URL changed, so it no longer works.

I saw reference on another post describing a similar situation and it was suggested that cross-linking documents can be done by extending the content model and adding some metadata peer2peer associations. Is that something our developers need to do? I believe we purchased some kind of support for Alfresco. Just want to know what I need to tell our point person on this project.