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i18n: RTL support

Question asked by nouj on Aug 1, 2005

In addition to Unicode, Right-To-Left UI is essential to make Alfresco useful for RTL languages like Arabic.

In my trial of Alfresco, I first bumped into the form fields problem mentioned by antioh. Creating was easy, except not very useful  in itself because many forms do not use the resource bundle and have their fields hardcoded English in JSP files.

So in my opinion, the i18n plan for Alfresco should include Arabic support, on 3 axes: RTL stylesheets, RTL html editors, and unicode based form input. Priority always goes to content being RTL supported first, and then the UI, since most computer users know some English after all. That often boils down to unicode file-names and some <div dir="rtl"> for html documents.

My regards to all the development team. You are heading towards a nice product!  8)


P.S. Could somebody post a howto on integrating a different HTML editor like FCKeditor?