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RenderResponse ClassNotFoundException

Question asked by pvaibhav on Aug 3, 2005

You have done a great job by making the tags plain old jstl and not jsf specific.

But I encoutered a problem - I was trying to use the uploadForm tag in a non-portal environment.

The following code throws Exception - (

if (Application.inPortalServer())
            RenderResponse renderResp  = (RenderResponse)pageContext.getRequest().

But class RenderResponse is is available only in Portal Server environment. Is their any libray we can include so that it doesn't throw ClassNotFoundException?

I don't want any portal environment - Jboss or liferay to be installed on my jobss.
Or can this code be compiled by using some advance techniques(like annotations etc) so that it will not throw Runtime exception?

If this works, we will be able to use your very useful tag libraries in any environment (basically a tomcat).