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Lucene Indexes - High Availability & DR

Question asked by unknown-user on Jun 26, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by mrwilkinson

We are planning to setup a high availability and Disaster recovery environment for our Alfresco instance in Production. For HA, we are going to have 2 Alfresco instances (load balanced) talking to a shared database and content store (Primary site). And the DR site will be a similar environment running paralelly to the Primary site. Users wont have have access unless and until there is a disaster.

We are also planning to keep a "copy" of the shared database and content store in our primary site just to guard against any failures to the shared database and content store. The data & content will be replicated to this "copy" using database replication and "rsync" respectively. Replication will be synchronours, but we are not sure how to handle lucene indexes. Will it be fine if we copy the backup-lucene-indexes also and store it along with the "copy" of the content store in the Primary site, so that we can avoid a full re-indexing incase of a failover. The backup-lucene-index will be copied once a day after the out of the box daily lucene index backup is done.

Does anyone see any issues with this kind of a setup?

Thanks in advance