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get content by tags and search by tags

Question asked by tmath1 on Jun 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2011 by andy
1) Can you explain the uses cases for taggable versus tagscope aspects in wqs? 
2) Once you tag an item, how do you get a content by tag? Ex:  get all news in a channel that is tagged 'press release'.  I'm not sure where similar logic is in the wqs API.
3) Likewise, how can I extend the search feature of the site to search on a "phrase" plus "tag(s)"

The wqs product is pretty awesome.  i'm trying to deploy a 3500 page site in the next 2 months with several dynamic pages and functionality.  The concept of collections and the ability to use tags are very powerful to deliver the right content to the right places in the site.

Speaking of collections, is there any way to order the assets that are added to a static collection.  Use case: If we have 5 press releases in a given day, we may want to list them on the Indexpage with that appropriate prominence of each.  So item1.html will be that main focus of the page, while item 2 and 3 receive a second level of prominence.  The remaining items would just be shown in a list order.

Great forum here.  I'd sincerely appreciate your input.