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Web client custom config

Question asked by jurgisl on Jun 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2011 by jurgisl

I'm trying to create custom content models, but cannot customize web client to include my custom models. I followed the wiki and tutorials but my Alfresco instance is ignoring all custom web client configuration files. I tried static version in /extensions folder and dynamic version in the data dictionary repository. Both are ignored when I run "reload" command in the web client config admin console.

Web client admin console output:
Web Client config has been reloaded

<Built-in evaluators> —> OK
classpath:alfresco/web-client-config.xml —> OK
classpath:alfresco/web-client-config-dialogs.xml —> OK
classpath:alfresco/web-client-config-wizards.xml —> OK
classpath:alfresco/web-client-config-properties.xml —> OK
classpath:alfresco/web-client-config-navigation.xml —> OK
classpath:alfresco/web-client-config-wcm.xml —> OK
classpath:alfresco/web-client-config-actions.xml —> OK
classpath:alfresco/web-client-config-forum-actions.xml —> OK
classpath:alfresco/web-client-config-wcm-actions.xml —> OK
classpath:alfresco/web-client-config-workflow-actions.xml —> OK

But it is missing last to lines:
classpath:alfresco/extension/web-client-config-custom.xml —> Skipped - not available
workspace://SpacesStore/app:company_home/app:dictionary/app:webclient_extension/cm:web-client-config-custom.xml —> OK

I tried modifying "web-client-application-context.xml" and all my changes do reflect in the console output but it ignores lines with custom config files.

Do I have to enable web client customization somewhere for custom files to work?

I tried Alfresco Community edition 3.4.d and 3.4.c installer on a 64bit Ubuntu.