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Size of Network Share

Question asked by tommyp3 on Jun 27, 2011
I am new to Alfresco but have found it pretty easy to setup and install.  I've done it enough times now in my lab and can load a new server (Fedora) and Alfresco in about 45 minutes. 

So far there are 2 things preventing me from rolling this out…
1.  I am having trouble with the AD integration.  Is there a "How to for dummies" on this one?  I can get passthru working for the web interface but the shared drive is a problem.  Is there an admin screen for the web on this in the works that would make this easier than finding files and editing them?

2.  Where are the settings to increase the share size?  I am able to create a user and share a site, but the size of the share is 46GB (or something like that).  I created the user while trying to figure out if it was a firewall issue preventing the share from working.  So I can connect to a share using the users created in Alfresco but not domain users.