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Problems setting up IDE - Eclipse 3.1

Question asked by appendix on Aug 16, 2005
Hi everyone!

I do have problems setting up Alfresco in Eclipse 3.1. I'm using Eclipse for a while right now, but havent dealt with projects that are dependent on eachother. I guess I'm doing something fundamentially wrong.

So here's my situation:

1) I downloaded alfresco source w/ tomcat bundle
2) Set up a new project in Eclipse called '3rd-party' and imported the sources from the file system.
3) Setting the source of the '3rd-party' project to the directory /lib and the output to a newly generated /bin folder [1]
4) Modifying the properties of '3rd-party' to export '/lib' to other projects.
5) Added another projet called 'core' and imported the files from the source bundle and set the source path to the /source/java directory within the project. Additionally I set the output directory to a newly added /bin folder within the project.
6) I modified the properties of the core project to depend on the project '3rd-party', but I can't get rid of a lot of errors, due to all (?) of the libraries cannot be found. For example cannot find org.apache.commons.logging.Log (this is only one example)

I read that 'core' should depend only on '3rd-party' but somehow the first can't see the latter.

What am I doing wrong? Sorry for such a possibly easy to answer question ;)

Any help really appreciated!


[1] I do get the same results if I don't set the source to /lib.