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Search using aspects and categories

Question asked by jba on Jun 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2011 by andy

I have been creating a custom model, using custom made categories taken within Aspects.
<type name="re:doc">
   <title>Document racine</title>

<aspect name="re:stport">
         <title>Structure porteuse</title>  
            <property name="re:stpor">
               <title>Structure porteuse</title>
               <index enabled="true">

while the categories were dynamically created, here is a sample.

My problem is that I can't manage to find which kind of query (which will end up in a webscript) I can use to retrieve some files categorized under for instance /cm:Bailleur_x0020_social.

i tried to use Lucene and created some queries like

+PATH:"/cm:categoryRoot/cm:generalclassifiable/cm:_x0030_4_x0020_-_x0020_Type_x0020_de_x0020_Structure_x0020_porteuse/cm:Bailleur_x0020_social/member"  +TYPE:"re:doc"
for instance, but it doesn't work

This doesn't work either

I know the Wiki states that
There are not true child relationships between category type nodes and the things they categorize. However, these links can be searched using the special "member" QName. (If you try to follow these relationships via the node service this will not work.)
, but I seem to not be able to handle that "member" Qname properly, because any variant of my queries using that Qname doesn't work. And fact stays, I can't retrive any file using Categories.

any help appreciated :)