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Office document thumbnails,preview not showing

Question asked by gmccullough on Jun 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2011 by gmccullough
Yes, another post on this subject.  I've searched, tried many configs but can't get the office documents to work.  Pdf thumbnails/previews work ok.

Version 3.4.d
OpenSuse 11.something x64

conversions from command line work properly, in fact, the startup tests work fine.  I verified the temp file is created, and I can break it by changing the config to point to invalid values and see the log file entries that the imagemagick conversion failed.

However, office documents do not have thumbnails, and preview says: This document can't be previewed. with a link to download.

I can't find any errors in the log files, have turned on some extra logging per the wiki docs, but still I can't track down the issue.  I hope someone can please point me in the right direction, trying to push this out this week.