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Alfresco SDK artifacts in Maven Repository

Question asked by hubick on Jun 27, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2011 by mindthegab

I have taken a stab at writing Maven POM files (including dependencies) for Alfresco Enterprise 3.3.5, along with a script to deploy those artifacts and third party jars from the Enterprise SDK zip file into a local Maven repository:

I did this for a few reasons.  The Maven artifacts currently being published for Alfresco Community are nice, but I wanted projects in my development environment to be associated with the same code running on our servers, so that they can be used for things like attaching a remote debugger, so stack trace line numbers match, etc.  The existing Community artifacts also don't include a real POM file declaring all the dependencies used by Alfresco, so each of my projects was forced to manually include a long list of transitive dependencies (Spring, Quartz, etc), making maintenance of those projects across Alfresco upgrades less than ideal.

I tried to use the same artifact names as the existing Alfresco Community artifacts, just adjusting the classifier from 'community' to 'enterprise'.  These POM's/script may also be usable for the Community SDK/artifacts with minor modifications.  I tried to get all the dependency versions aligned as best I could, but had to make some guesses.  The script also unpacks the SDK source alongside the POM files so that it can be compiled via Maven, imported into Eclipse, etc - I used this to determine what dependencies were required for each Alfresco artifact to build.

Anyhow, yeah, I hope someone else finds this useful and feedback is appreciated!

p.s. I tried joining and posting this to the group at!forum/maven-alfresco over a week ago, but my message wasn't approved and my group membership is still pending.  With almost no activity showing over the last six months, I'm wondering if the moderator still exists.