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My Blueprint of Alfresco

Question asked by gertthiel on Sep 12, 2005
Dear Andy. Dear Paul.
Dear fellow Alfresconisti.

To identify the trap that endangers Alfresco, just have a look at Have you recognized that the information about Alfresco is cluttered over the forum, wiki and web site?
Often the artefacts of the digital live are seperated accross several repositories: Emails in a IMAP message store, source code under SCM control, appointments and contacts on a PDA, call logs on the mobile… That's a digital divide.

To name a few things that digital live is made of: Addresses, appointments, audio records, bookmarks, contracts, documents, emails, feature requests, instant messages, issues, meeting reports, notes, offline copies of web pages/sites, phone calls, pictures, source code, taxonomy* and the links between them. The single information does not matter, the relation is the key to success.

Alfresco should not only support some kind of data but everything. Even incomplete information. It's a matter of synergy and universal usability.

Alfresco should the universal repository for business apps, databases, mail transfer agents, PIMs, WCMS etc. Just like the bare filesystem is today.

And Alfresco should be a platform for any application that fiddles with data.

Alfresco should also care for application that does not know anything about Alfresco. Consider Alfresco to be a HTTP proxy that caches and indexes all visited web pages for eg. linking them with projects and later retrieval.

Alfresco is the most promising ECMS I have ever seen. It's open source and seems to have an architecture to implement my blueprint of Alfresco.

- Gert

BTW: For a good example of the power of an integration solution and synergy see trac, an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects.

BTW: I came across here from Zimbra which aims to be the best collaboration and email server. It has an excellent ajaxed web client (Try the online demo, words can't tell you the whole story). I thought Alfresco and Zimbra should join forces to offer a universal collaboration platform without the digital divide.
See also the related CRM, Document Mgm, Knowledge Mgm, UM thread at the Zimbra forums.

* Intentionally sorted by alphabet.