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IMAP server issue with accent - special characters

Question asked by nlaselva on Jun 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2011 by nlaselva
I have installed Alfresco Community 3.4d with MySql on Linux Ubuntu 64 bit. I also activated the IMAP server, with an additional mount point to create a "shared IMAP folder" to store mail messages from different users.

As we use it in Italy many mail messages uses "accented" characters (like: è à ù ì ò ecc.). When I move/copy (whatever the IMAP client: Thunderbird or Outlook) a mail message containing accented characters, the "IMAP" module "modify" the characters in a way that cannot be  open/read from other users. Of course the user that copied/moved the message is still able to read because he opens the mail from the imap-cache copy on his own PC.

Example: the sequence "àèìòù" is transformed to "￯﾿ᄑ￯﾿ᄑ￯﾿ᄑ￯﾿ᄑ￯﾿ᄑ"

What's more, using Thunderbird I can at least open the messages (with the original text "scrambled" as in the above example). Outlook 2007 refuses to open the message with error "This operation is not supported until the entire message is downloaded".

IMPORTANT: if, before moving/copying the message in the IMAP mount point, I remove all "accented" characters, the message is stored in the IMAP folder without any issue.

Any suggestion is welcome. Thx in advance.

Nicola La Selva