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Bug Repport !!

Question asked by benjjii on Sep 14, 2005
Hi, i have installed the pr 6 Release of Alfresco for testing purpose , and try to work with (on my laptop) and i got a probleme.

i try to delete a file and i got this

Êtes-vous sûr vous voulez-vous supprimer "Wifi.txt" et toutes les versions précédentes?
Incapable de supprimer le dossier dû à l'erreur système:No row with the given identifier exists: [org.alfresco.repo.domain.hibernate.NodeImpl#NodeKey[ id=bc2a7ded-246c-11da-8b81-73de7ae629ae, protocol=workspace, identifier=SpacesStore]]

the file don't delete and a can't clean the link.

I got other questions. is there a simple way to extract File from database?
will you plan to include backup/serialisation tools

Thanks for your efforts.