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Alfresco as a DMS

Question asked by scotty_beamer on Jun 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by scotty_beamer

I am brand new and i just started installing alfresco an hour ago so be patient! ;-)

1. What is the diverence between "Community Edition" and "Business Edition" when it comes to DMS ?
I found a side telling me about the diverences but i did not get any info about real features i can not use in "Community Edition"

2. In first place we would like to user alfresco as a DMS for contracts only ( noting more). How to do that ?
I found Dokumentarchive and also a possibility to upload file there and in Repository but i am not sure what would be the right way to do it. Also i am not sure how to category file. A small howto would be nice.
I also found some videos but not a real "best prectice" to do it !
Any hint will be welcome!