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The Perils of JNI

Question asked by rdanner on Sep 16, 2005
On occasion I have a JNI error that seems to be so hanous in nature that it "freezes" my machine.  The crash is so severe that I do not even get a pid file.

I had previously thought that when the file store and the database are out of synch the JNI layer crashes.  This may be the case but it is not what is causing the crash this evening.

You may already have such an animal. I do not know.  But I think we aught to have a pure java option.  Something that at least stubs out the functionality of the DLL/Shared object.

We should always be able to factor the JNI out of the equation.

Haha this bug is so frustrating… the dump goes screaming by and the machine just freezes.  you reboot and there is no log file to start digging from.  It's more then a little agrevating.  I will try and load alfresco outside of a webcontainer and see if I can get it to behave differently.