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get ticket in dashlet

Question asked by boneill on Jun 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2011 by matjazmuhic
Hi All,

I have read a few posts about how to use a connection to connect to webscripts that need user authentication.  I am not trying to do this.

I am building a list of links in my dashlet that connect to an external app.  I want the link to include the currently logged in users ticket so the app can store it during a process and use it to call back to alfresco.

My ftl for the dashlet has following code:

<a href="${ticket}" target="_blank" >Test Client Ticket<a/>

So I want to set a ticket in the js controller.  How do I get a ticket in a dashlet.  I have tried

var ticket = session.getTicket();
   model.ticket = ticket;

Which does not work as session seems to be undefined (or at least not have a getTicket() method.

Any pointers on how to get a user ticket in a dashlet?