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ERROR [MainDeployer] could not create deployment: file:/alfr

Question asked by potatoinmiri on Sep 19, 2005
Dear friends,

    I followed the installation instructions t install Alfresco on my linux fc 2 machine but failed in the last step when I ran 'jboss/bin/' to start JBoss.

The series of complicated text appeared just like all compilation processes, then I spotted the following error:

ERROR [MainDeployer] could not create deployment: file:/alfresco/jboss/server/default/conf/jboss-service.xml
org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: No ClassLoaders found for: org.jboss.logging.Log4jService; - nested throwable: (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: No ClassLoaders found for: org.jboss.logging.Log4jService)

At the end of the complicated text, it says:

INFO  [Server] JBoss SHUTDOWN: Undeploying all packages
Shutting down
14:44:12,103 INFO  [Server] Shutdown complete
Shutdown complete
Halting VM

Apparently, my installation wasn't successful, what is the problem? How do I fix this problem?

Please help to guide me….I really wanna test out this program…thanks a lot for taking time helping…

Ah Fong