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Intermittent JMX Refused Connection Errors - Critical  (!)

Question asked by mbx on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by mbx
Hi All,

Since the past few days I've been receiving Connection Failure To Alfresco JMX Remote Server errors.

All was stable up until a few days prior and now the error is persistent.

Upon restarting Alfresco, all successfully loads, users can log in and access.However a short time later, the connection crashes again and the virtual server no longer functions.

The trigger for the connection break may be due to attempting to access the repository.

On the host machine, vmauthd and perflib errors are occurring. I disabled vmauthd however that was of no improvement.

Additional undertakings thus far:

Reviewed logs

Configured/Re-configured global and local security policies

Configured VM running as a service with full privelege

Hard-code of local IP in

Verified NICs have Network Bridging checked

The main issue is the intermittent loss of connection after and the trigger thereof.

Very thankful for your solutions. (!)