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for Downloads (in groups) and e-mail-notification on success

Question asked by jbrugger on Jul 4, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2011 by mitpatoliya
Hello all,
tried to find something for my topic but not really…

what my idea will be

Files are in the webdav structure…
There are groups for these files (to show them to persons who are allowed to get them)
1. they get an e-mail that there are new files for download
2. now they login to the share
3. after successing and downloading the files
4. they have (or also automatically) they send an confirmation of receipt..
5. after success the system will send an e-mail to a special account, maybe also in an compact e-mail with statistic when a user has downloaded it..

is this possible and how …
Are there any ideas how to do that and maybe an example

thanks in advance..

have a nice day
J. Brugger