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Alfresco activity feed

Question asked by ati_dip1982 on Jul 4, 2011
I want to store details of activity of all alfresco activities and would like to configure.file "activities-feed-context.xml". by default it store user details for 1 month 1.e 44640 minutes = 31 days. What if i want to configure for 10 years. so i want to change the values like this.

<bean id="feedCleaner" class="org.alfresco.repo.activities.feed.cleanup.FeedCleaner">
      <property name="feedDAO" ref="feedDAO"/>
      <property name="siteService" ref="SiteService"/>
      <property name="maxAgeMins">
         <value>5256000</value> <!– for 10 years eg. 44640 mins = 31 days –>
      <property name="maxFeedSize">
         <value>${activities.feed.max.size}</value> <!–  max entries per site feed or user feed (to nearest postDate) –>

is this process fessable? or alfresco 's max limit is 30 days only?