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Question asked by roicc on Jul 4, 2011
I'm having a big problem with IMAP when RM is installed as well: I'm unable to see the messages inside the IMAP folders. I tested this on all 3.4 versions of the community edition up to the d.

Not all email clients react in the same way but Thunderbird, for example, continuously shows "checking server capabilities" and "opening mail folder" in the status line and after a while the connection times out. Nothing shows up in the Alfresco log - no error and no warning at all.
This only happens if the folder contains emails (I'm able to drag and drop emails in the IMAP folders from the local folders), if it is empty no special message in the status bar and no time out.

If the RM is not installed then the IMAP works almost properly.

We are in the middle of a project that is based on the RM module and this issue is blocking us so any help is greatly appreciated :)