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Share subscribe action

Question asked by sans on Jul 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2011 by sans
I want to add 'subscribe' action in share for documents and folders.
The approach that I am using is write a custom action in share which will be displayed under +More… link.
When a user clicks on the link, the action will add nodeuuid and username in a MySQL table. ( which is not in alfresco database).
Now I have following questions on this approach.
1. Wheather I should use javascript or java to handle the action?( Entering the nodeuuid and username in MySQL).
2. How do I write step 1?
3. Whether I should use a separate database or do it in Alfresco?
4. How do I link my custom action with 'share send email when items are created or enter this folder'? So that I can send email only to those people who have subscribed to folder or a document.

Please help!!!
If there is any other best approach please suggest.